Tradacasino casino Cashback bonus offer

What is Cashback ?

Trada Cashback offers slots players the chance to earn cash rewards for their play, in real-time. Every £/€/$70 (SEK/NOK700) wagered on slots unlocks an instant cash drop of £/€/$2 (SEK/NOK20) which has no wagering requirements and can be withdrawn immediately.

How do I qualify?

  1. Enter the code CB100 to get a 100% cashback bonus up to £/€/$500 on your first deposit.

  2. For all subsequent deposits you can earn 25% Cashback up to £/€/$200 using the bonus code CB25.

  3. TradaCasino will add the value of your Cashback bonus to your 'pending cashback' wallet.

  4. Every £/€/$70 (SEK/NOK700) wagered on slots unlocks an instant £/€/$2 (SEK/NOK20) cash drop.

  5. You will continue earning cashback until your 'pending cashback' balance reaches zero.

  6. Cashback is never lost and always carried over.
Currency Value of bets placed Cashback Earned
GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, AUD £/€/$70 £/€/$2
SEK, NOK 700 kr 20 kr

Get wager free cash with the tradacasino casino cashback offer

How do I withdraw my earned Cashback?

Any earned Cashback is added to the player's balance, which may be withdrawn at any time subject to the standard payout terms and conditions.

Viewing my Cashback Status

Your current Cashback status can be viewed at any time under the My Account section.

Cashback Terms and Conditions

  • By claiming any Cashback bonus a player agrees to receive e-mail notifications regarding his/her bonus and its conversion to cash.
  • Players who wish to receive a casback bonus must enter the relevent bonus code when depositing.
  • Players who are deemed to be taking advantage of the cashback system by depositing with a cashback code while they still have a balance of £/€/$10 or more risk having their earned cashback forfeited at the point of withdrawal
  • Players who make multiple deposits and withdrawals of similar amounts within a short period of time, for the sole reason of topping up the pending cashback balance, risk having their earned cashback forfeited at the point of withdrawal.
  • TradaCasino reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate bonus awards at any time for any reason without prior notification to players.
  • If TradaCasino suspects any player is abusing a particular offer, their bonus awards will be forfeited and their account will be banned.
  • In the event of any dispute, the decision of TradaCasino is considered final and irreversible.
  • Cashback rewards are intended to enhance play-time at TradaCasino and are subject to a fair usage policy. Players who have claimed cashback on 100 deposits or more, and who are not seen to be making any 'cash only' deposits in between, may be opted out of cashback for a period of time. This will be communicated to the player by TradaCasino support.
  • Cashback can only be earned on slots and not live casino or table games. Please find game contributions here

Updated on the 21st of August 2019

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